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Myths of Selling to Government

Rick Wimberly

Winning government contracts is, well, different from selling other markets. But, many of the myths about government selling are simply not true. In the Myths of Selling to Government podcast, we reveal the secrets about winning government contracts that only top performers know. Myths of Selling to Government is designed for busy sales professionals of all levels who seek success building their government sales pipeline and closing deals with local, state, and federal government. That, despite long sales cycles.Episodes are released every other week and are no more than eleven minutes. Each episode provides clear guidance and stimulates thought. The podcast is hosted by government contracting consultant Rick Wimberly, co-author of Seven Myths of Selling to Government ( example, we’ve learned over the years that, despite what a lot of people think, government business isn’t driven by government bids. It’s driven by relationships! And, there are special techniques for building relationships in government business development. We talk about those relationship-building techniques and much more in Myths of Selling to Government.
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